Universal Everything

ꆜ Communion (2020)

An immersive world of procedurally generated lifeforms

Communion is an immersive world populated by hundreds of procedurally generated dancing lifeforms. The creatures evolve from primitive cellular structures to complex, multi-limbed beings, embodying living characteristics and personalities. A polyrhythmic soundtrack amplifies the energy in the 360º audio-visual installation, implying a sense of unity and community between these curious mutating creatures.

Universal Everything originally made and exhibited Communion in 2011 for the major solo show Super-Computer-Romantics at La Gaite Lyrique, Paris. Communion (2020) is a complete reworking of this artwork, using custom-made procedural software, rendered in fine detail.

Thoma Foundation, Santa Fe, USA
Borusan Contemporary, Istanbul

Thoma Foundation, Santa Fe, 2021 (date TBC)
Beyond Human, VR exhibition, Oculus Quest, 2020


Creative Director: Matt Pyke
Procedural Animation: Chris Perry
Sound: Simon Pyke

Available for licensing, screenings and exhibitions
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