Universal Everything

🤸🏽‍♀️ Delightfully Diverse

Dallas, Texas
Joyful digital art for a 32-metre media wall

Universal Everything has created a joyful digital artwork for one of the largest media walls in the United States.

The artwork explores the tension between technology and humanity, the abstract and the figurative. It features an ever-evolving cast of figures, adapting from daytime into nighttime. Each character moves in their own unique way, occasionally interacting with others they encounter. Inspired by science, nature and the future, their materials and costumes create a sense of positive, joyful freedom and wonder.

Commissioned by global architecture firm Gensler for a 32 metre tall 6K media wall in downtown Dallas, Texas, the artwork is visible on a city-scape level. It creates a unique backdrop for a new public space, contributing to an experience-rich environment in the heart of the city.


Executive Creative Director: Matt Pyke
Creative Directors: Sam Renwick, Antar Walker
Motion Design: Chris Perry, Joe Street, Dan Hoopert
Executive Producer: Ben Young
Studio Manager: Simon Thompson